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For over twenty years Jim has been producing, directing and writing shows throughout the world.Between Weathers Director Jim Brown

The much-travelled Scotsman started his career as a camera operator at the home of British movies, Pinewood Studios, working on feature films like Superman and The Spy who Loved me. After a couple of years he moved into television as a camera operator with Southern Television before returning north of the border to produce and direct programming for Scottish and Grampian television.

In 1991 Jim joined Grundy International as executive producer/director and director of International production and development. He produced and directed all of Grundy’s UK output. It was during this time that he became the only British person ever to direct the Australian drama, ‘Neighbours’. He also executive produced and directed the hugely popular talent show, Sky Star Search. In between making 480 episodes of the American cult classic he ran and directed a slate of shows throughout Europe, including Sale of the Century, Jeopardy, Going for Gold, Chain Letters and Jeremy Beadles Born Lucky.

Jim started and ran the Grundy operation in Spain, making shows in Madrid and Barcelona.

As a show doctor Jim has travelled the world fine tuning shows and turning them from struggling series to ratings winners.

After almost two years in Spain Jim returned to the UK and became Head of Entertainment for three of the countries leading ITV broadcasters. Scottish, Anglia and Yorkshire Television.

At Scottish he was responsible for a record number of entertainment hours.

At Anglia his brief included ‘The Time..The Place’ ‘Vanessa’ ‘Trisha’ ‘In The Dark’ ‘The National Theatre Awards’ and the silver rose winning ‘Bring me the Head of Light Entertainment’ with Graham Norton.

At Yorkshire Jim was in charge of ‘Countdown’ and Bruce Forsyth’s ‘The Price is Right’. He was also International Consultant for Granada Creative, developing and producing series in Italy and Turkey.

In 2002 Jim moved to the BBC before crossing the Atlantic to produce, write and direct ’90 Days in Hollywood’ a thirteen-part drama/documentary series following a group of young actors trying to make it in the City of Angels. It was billed as one of the top two reality shows on US TV.

Back in the UK Jim wrote, produced and directed an antiques series for ITV before moving on to series produce, write and direct, Building the Biggest, an international series shot in the Arctic Circle, Singapore, Holland, Germany, Italy, Norway, North America, and in outer space on the international space station.

For the past few years Jim has been commuting back and forth across the Atlantic working with some of the biggest names in showbiz including George Michael, Bob Geldof, Valerie Bertinelli, Duran Duran, Twiggy, The Sex Pistols, Olivia Newton John, Aretha Franklin, Christopher Plummer, Tina Turner, Daniel Craig, Bono, Malcolm McLaren and Fleetwood Mac.

After 20 years of writing, producing, directing and running over 1300 hours of network programming and features in over a dozen countries, Jim set up b4films in his hometown of Aberdeen in 2009.

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