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Between Weathers Shetland

The Isle of Fustra with it’s breath-taking landscape, warm community and a strong sense of tradition, was once known as the Jewel of the Shetland Isles, but with it’s population dwindling into single figures, this little jewel has lost it’s sparkle.

But there’s one man who believes it can still shine brightly. A man who remembers a time when laughter and music rang out from these empty cottages, where every Saturday the village hall was jammed with people singing and dancing and on Sunday the church would be fit to burst. This was the Fustra Thomas knew and loved…the Fustra he longs to get back.

When a romantic notion causes Thomas to write a video blog about Fustra, he gets a little carried away. Allowing nostalgia to get the better of him he writes about a community where life is simple, crime free and the rat race a million miles away. As well as writing of a time gone by Thomas inadvertently lets slip that a rare and presumed extinct bird has just passed his window. Before he knows it people from all over the place start descending on the island, arriving on boats and chartered planes. When the visitors quickly discover that what Thomas promised them isn’t altogether real, Thomas realizes it would have been wise to consider first the incredible power of the Internet

…because when Charles Mowat Manningtree, looking for a prime location for his most ambitious development to date, comes across Thomas’s Fustra blog on the net, he realizes he’s struck gold and sets his sights on turning this picturesque island into the ultimate destination for the rich and pampered.

Just as the disillusioned and angry visitors decide to about turn and leave Fustra, the weather closes in and traps everyone, including Charles, on the tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic, and it’s during his stay on Fustra that Charles discovers the isle holds the key to his past, present and future. He came here to make his fortune, but instead finds he has opened a can of worms that will truly shake his world, making him ask the question: Did he find Fustra or did Fustra find him?

Between Weathers is a modern day David and Goliath story set against the stunning and magical backdrop of Shetland, where a disappearing way of life is fought for tooth and nail, against a corporate giant unable to see beyond the dollar signs. Between Weathers is a heart-warming feel good tale that just goes to prove…money can’t buy you love

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