To all who came along to the Garrison for the Between Weathers soundtrack auditions.

Jim BrownHi all ,

George and I had the best day with you guys at the Garrison.  As I said in the press I have done talent shows throughout the world and have auditioned thousands and thousands of acts.  If you find one or two in a week with potential, you see that as a good week.  You Shetland people certainly turned the average upside down.  Act after act took to the stage and just blew us away.  The musicianship mixed with humbleness and a great sense of humour made the day an absolute joy and one to remember.  When we get past the Christmas holidays we will come back up to Shetland and re-group.  As you know I can’t use everyone in the film but I will definitely be using some of you on the soundtrack.  If you are not selected please don’t be downbeat because we have great plans for the ‘Shetland Sound’ that you let us hear. 


Jim Brown

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